Thursday, May 12, 2011

She's In Love..

...with food

Shortly after Emma turned 4 months old we started introducing food. She loved it from the start and hasn't looked back since. The girl loves food.

Rice Cereal was the first to be introduced and although she questioned the first bite or two she still eats up every last bite that is offered to her. She actually prefers this over many of the fruit and veggies gerber foods which is odd to me because it has no taste.

not so sure about this stuff..

ok I am liking it a little more with a change of spoon

yes, I do love it! thank you for taking me off my liquid diet!

After a few solid weeks of rice cereal, we worked our way up to fruits and veggies. I originally had high aspirations of making homemade babyfood but those ideas quickly vanished when I found the value pack of gerber at BJ's. I did actually make sweet potatoes in the food processor once when we ran out of baby food and she didn't seem to like it as much as the store bought brand so hopefully this is not a sign of picky food eaterness to come.

there are no inprogress pictures because she ate it all without a struggle

and then went in for the spoon because she wanted more

One thing that she did not like was the fresh fruit feeder which surprised me. I was excited to let her try something sweeter than rice cereal but she wasn't having it.
thanks but no thanks, I prefer the plastic end

Her favorites currently include bananas and apples for fruits and sweet potatos and carrots for veggies. She has not been a fan of the green stuff like beans and peas but we are working on it. I can't live with two picky eaters in my house!

And now at almost 9 months, she is on a balanced routing of bottle for wake up, oatmeal and yogurt for breakfast, cereal and fruit for lunch and, bottle snack in the afternoon, rice and veggies for dinner and a bottle for bedtime. Can't wait until she can start on finger foods and we can see what she loves next!
Cannot forget the magic of the high chair - she will happily sit and play in this thing forever!

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