Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nine Months

Dear Emma,

Here we are at 9 months – you’ve officially been loose on the outside world for as long as you were cooped up inside the belly. Of course, to celebrate in fashion you finally became mobile. For a few weeks now, you had been impressing us with your pilates style moves – getting yourself into a pushup position and completely off the ground – and boy have we been impressed. I sense that you have not been too impressed since you don’t ever really get anywhere but everyone else could see that you were on your way. And then finally, I’d say right on your 9 month birthday, you were up and actually moving with your adorable little army crawl. If I thought you were happy before when you could sit up and look around, I was wrong because nothing has compared to the happiness you get when you crawling around.

In other big things in your world, you are still loving food. You are content to eat oatmeal and rice cereal and what you think is delicious fruit and veggie mush. It seems that you are taking after your momma with a love for fruit and your daddy for a disdain of veggies. So far sweet potato, apples and bananas rule your world but you are quick to push anything green out of your mouth. Your one true love is yogurt and your little eyes light up when you see the containers coming out of the fridge. You still manage to make quite a mess whenever you eat and we spend a good portion of the time fighting over who can hold the spoon (which sometimes warrants you getting your own spoon to hold – because momma always loves to wash more dishes!) but you are our favorite dinner guest and we love to have you at the table.

It’s hard for me to believe you are already 9 months and in such a short time we’ll be celebrating your birthday. You have truly made the last 9 months the best times of our lives and we could never have imagined having a better experience with you.


Emma, 9 months

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