Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Momma's Day

To celebrate my very first mother's day, Emma gift me with a cold (although at least I was spared an ear infection - Emma can't say the same). Of course started through daycare and then worked its way up to me but despite the sickies, it was a wonderful day.

The day started out with a delicious breakfast by my husband the official breakfast coordinator in the Ciccarelli household and boy did he not dissapoint. Extra points for the fruit and flower garnish.

After a lazy morning in the house spending time together we ventured out to run a few errands and to my one request of the day - a walk on the new boardwalk at the beach. Although it was a little more chilly and and a lot less sunny than I would have liked, I loved every minute of it spending time with my two loves.

I think Emma did too.

And she even seemed to like the sand which is a vast improvement from the grass phobia that we've been having - more on that later...

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