Friday, May 20, 2011

Just Keep Swimming

There is nothing cuter than a baby in a bathing suit. My mom insisted on purchasing a NB size bathing suit last year (she assured me it was on clearance and less than $5) and I let her put Emma in it for one (screaming) picture.

I had been wanting to sign Emma up for baby swim classes for awhile. I knew that friends of ours had been doing them with their baby who is 3 months older than Emma and when they said the winter session was starting soon, I jumped on the chance. Unfortunately for us, we only had 3 days to prepare and I was going to be out of town for the first class so Larry would have to go alone.

The first task was picking out a bathing suit. This was in March so of course stores already had them out in hopes to alleviate the winter blues. I wanted something simple and not too frilly (Larry strictly limits the number of over the top frilly baby girl clothes I can purchase - sigh) and nothing with logos on it (really Old Navy, it's not cool). I was alarmed immediately at the wide selection of infant 2 piece bathing suits but was able to pick out a respectable 1 piece that covered all the right parts.

modeling my selection - I think she likes it

So for 8 weeks, we bundled up on Saturday mornings to head into the cold only to be greeted by the intense heat of the local YMCA (I cannot say enough good things about the Milford Y, I was nervous based on my previous Y experiences but the facilities did not dissapoint) for a half hour class of mommy and me swimming.

Emma admires her surroundings...

Of course there wasn't much swimming as much as there was singing songs, moving around in giant circles and floating but I loved every minute. I quickly mandated a "both mommy and daddy must go in" rule and we enjoyed some family QT together.

Daddy of the Year nominee right here for going alone on week 1!

When asked if Emma liked it, I mostly reply "I think so". It was hard to tell really. Up until this point when given a bath, she would sit very still and barely move - almost like she just wanted to hurry up and have it be over. I'd say swimming went pretty much the same way - she mostly stared around the whole time probably wondering where the hell we had taken her now. A huge fan of kicking her legs, she did not dissapoint in that department but never really moved her arms much (except when she started trying to roll over off the kickboard). She never once cried, unlike some of the other babies who cried most of the time in the pool. On the contrary, the only real expression she showed was to laugh when these other babies would cry - oh she is my child :)

a rare almost smile from the edge of the wading pool

Although the 8 week sessions continue all year long we are opting not to continue for now. I know she'll get tons of water exposure in grandma's pool this summer but I'd like to consider joining the Y and taking another class next winter. I liked the idea of having a good activity to do with her when we are cooped up in the house from the cold and it was fun having something for the 3 of us to do together:)

Pool loving from daddy

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