Thursday, May 19, 2011

Anatomy of a Cranky Baby

Dear Emma,

Your daddy and I are extremely blessed in the fact that 95% of the time you are the happiest baby we have ever seen. This fact alone has put serious doubts on our plans to procreate again as we are sure that we will be punished with a screaming baby #2.

But Emma, that 5% is not fun for anyone. I can almost predict it coming when I see your daycare report card.

I know that this will happen on the way home...

And I know that this will follow shortly after when I wake you up for dinner...

I can't blame you though, momma could use a nap everyday too in order to function at my best - but I will still love you forever and listen to your cries and wipe away the tears while I do my best to cuddle you and make you smile again.

Please don't protest naps,

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