Sunday, April 24, 2011

Eight Months

Dear Emma,

Every month is better than the last with you. Just when I think you have gotten to a fun age, you go ahead and get another month older and that becomes my favorite age. Right now, you are just in love with the world. Your favorite past time is sitting on the edge of the couch and looking out our picture window. You will sit there for a half hour at a time (and probably longer if we actually let you) and watch anything in your vision. I think you love dogs the best (which is unfortunate for you because mommy is “allergic” to dogs and we cannot have one) and your legs start wiggling with happiness just as a dog’s tail wags with excitement but you do not discriminate and will smile at anything that comes into view. You love to see other babies in strollers, people (including the garbage men who always wave to you), birds and cars. I love to watch your little head pan from right to left as the object enters your sight and inevitably leaves it later. You also love to watch mommy and daddy drive in and out of the drive way and now watch daddy mow the lawn. My wish for you is that you always enjoy the simple things in life the way you enjoy this.

You are also so much more content now to sit and play by yourself on the floor. We finally got a nice soft rug to put on the living room floor so now you do tend to spend a good amount of time down there playing. I prop you up in the middle of the rug and surround you with some of your favorites and you are as happy as can be. I don’t even think it bothers you when you reach for something a little too far and end up toppling over because then you just become a little more mobile and roll to what you want. This mostly keeps you occupied until you realize that one of us is not in the room with you and you demand to know why you are not the center of attention and why we aren’t staring at you. Don’t worry love, you are always the center of my attention and sometimes it is just more fun to sneak a peak at you laughing and playing when you aren’t looking but don’t fret I am always loving on you whether near or far.


Emma, Eight Months

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