Thursday, March 24, 2011

Seven Months

Dear Emma,

Here we are again with another month gone by. You have been keeping us and yourself very busy lately and sometimes I feel like you are learning something new every day – which you probably are you smarty pants. Finally only days ago did you decide to roll over. I of course missed the grand event because I was in the shower and when your daddy screamed my name I thought something was wrong. When I found out what you had done, I also thought it was a fluke because I have been convinced for awhile that you were never going to roll over. I knew that you were capable of doing it because you have such a strong little body – what with your constant tummy crunches and standing on your legs and all – and I also knew that you would do it when you were ready. Actually I should say I knew you would do it when you wanted to – because if I know anything about you its that you like to do things your way and on your own time. But sure enough you are rolling over from your tummy to your back. As soon as you can manage to get those tree trunk legs of yours swung over and your body flips you almost look a little scared when you land on your back. And then you have this look of “huh how did that happen?” on your face. But that look disappears quickly because me and Daddy are usually in your face screaming and clapping and showing you how proud we are. I know this is only the first step of you becoming mobile and it frightens me. I have envisions of you crawling laps around me and the house. We have actually had a conversation where we can picture you crawling, looking at us with a smirk and then taking off like a speed demon.

The other new thing that you are doing is swimming! We decided to start to get you acclimated to water by attending an 8 week class at the YMCA. I of course was excited to get you into a cute little swimsuit (and then instantly alarmed when I noticed the absurdly large collection of two piece bathing suits for infants) and was just hoping that you would love the class. I will write more about it later but it’s safe to assume that you do like the water. You get those strong legs kicking and have already started to put your rolling over skills to use by trying to roll off the kick board. I may also be biased but you are the most pretty little swimmer I have ever seen and I love to spend those Saturday mornings with you and your daddy. And I can’t wait to see what skill you learn next.


Emma, Seven Months

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