Monday, January 24, 2011

Five Months

Dear Emma,

Today is your fifth month birthday and I'll save the tears for next month because I can't believe you are almost a half of a year old! When people ask me how you are doing, I mostly respond that you are wonderful, great, fantastic, and recently I've been saying how funny you are.

I always figured you would have your very own distinct possibility but it's funny to see how much it is coming out now. I like to think that one of your favorite things to do is smile at us. You love to give us big gummy smiles in the morning when you are most happy but it's pretty easy for mommy and daddy to get them all day long. You are also getting easier and easier to make laugh - mostly we try to find something that makes you laugh and then we repeat it again hoping you will do it. I've gotten some great video of your little chuckle and I can't wait to show you when you get older - I bet it will make you laugh :) But in true fashion to keep us on our toes, you also have perfected a cranky face complete with stink eye that we see from time to time.

We've figured out the ways to keep you happy - you still love to be changed, love to lay on your back on our bed and watch the ceiling fan, and love the play gym. I can always tell when you are really excited about something because your arms and legs start flailing about which is mostly followed by big squeals and heavy breathing. You are just fitting into your bouncer and although you haven't figured out completely how to operate it, you have realized that it does combine two of your favorite things - standing on your chubby legs and reaching for things. Pretty much a win-win.

This month we also reached a big milestone - you got to try food for the first time. We were cautiously nervous to try the rice cereal since you usually do not enjoy when we put liquid gas drops or Tylenol in your mouth, but you were a champ. It almost feels like that at any given moment that stink eye will appear and your tongue is pushing it right out of your mouth. Sometimes I think you are more interested in the spoon but you are starting to open your mouth when the spoon comes near it so I guess it's a win. I can't wait to see how you react to new things we're planning on trying.



Emma, 5 months

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