Monday, January 24, 2011

Five Months

Dear Emma,

Today is your fifth month birthday and I'll save the tears for next month because I can't believe you are almost a half of a year old! When people ask me how you are doing, I mostly respond that you are wonderful, great, fantastic, and recently I've been saying how funny you are.

I always figured you would have your very own distinct possibility but it's funny to see how much it is coming out now. I like to think that one of your favorite things to do is smile at us. You love to give us big gummy smiles in the morning when you are most happy but it's pretty easy for mommy and daddy to get them all day long. You are also getting easier and easier to make laugh - mostly we try to find something that makes you laugh and then we repeat it again hoping you will do it. I've gotten some great video of your little chuckle and I can't wait to show you when you get older - I bet it will make you laugh :) But in true fashion to keep us on our toes, you also have perfected a cranky face complete with stink eye that we see from time to time.

We've figured out the ways to keep you happy - you still love to be changed, love to lay on your back on our bed and watch the ceiling fan, and love the play gym. I can always tell when you are really excited about something because your arms and legs start flailing about which is mostly followed by big squeals and heavy breathing. You are just fitting into your bouncer and although you haven't figured out completely how to operate it, you have realized that it does combine two of your favorite things - standing on your chubby legs and reaching for things. Pretty much a win-win.

This month we also reached a big milestone - you got to try food for the first time. We were cautiously nervous to try the rice cereal since you usually do not enjoy when we put liquid gas drops or Tylenol in your mouth, but you were a champ. It almost feels like that at any given moment that stink eye will appear and your tongue is pushing it right out of your mouth. Sometimes I think you are more interested in the spoon but you are starting to open your mouth when the spoon comes near it so I guess it's a win. I can't wait to see how you react to new things we're planning on trying.



Emma, 5 months

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snow Bunny

As is the case in New England in the winter, it's been snowing alot lately. Emma's first snowstorm also coincided with her first cold so we perched ourselves on the couch in front of the picture window to watch Larry shovel. By the time her second snowstorm hit, I was ready for my little lady to become a snow bunny.
The stink eye/expression on her face is priceless. It's pretty much her "I don't know what is going on so I'm just going to sit here motionless and hope that this ends soon" face which normally comes out at bathtime. Maybe she didn't like being outside in the cold? Maybe she didn't like having so many layers on that she couldn't move her limbs? Maybe she didn't like being propped up against a snow covered bush? Maybe all of the above? Sorry Emma, couldn't resist a chance to get a picture of your lovely rosey cheeks out in the snow!

And let you not have the only photo-op today, here is a picture of Larry using his new toy on our third storm of the season!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Four Months

Dear Emma,

This month's letter is a little late as you have been keeping your daddy and I very busy. On your four month birthday (which also happened to be Christmas Eve) you came down with your first cold. It was not a "first" that we were excited about celebrating. I have to say that I think it was one of the worst weeks of my life. I hated every minute of watching you be miserable - your normal smiley face was replaced with this pitiful looking sad face and constantly tired eyes. You had this little cough - each time it started it up, my heart stopped as I watched to make sure you could still breathe. When your fever hit 102, I think my heart did stop as we raced to call the doctor. It was a rough, sleepless week but on the bright side, I got to spend so many hours just hugging you and rocking you and being the only person that you wanted, which wasn't such a bad thing in my eyes. And although I knew it was wrong, I did love hearing your sweet little raspy voice as you tried to talk - I may have snuck a little video of it :)

Not that it wasn't already confirmed, but I think that week really solidified my understanding of how much you are loved. You were showered with love and gifts at Christmas. Even though you didn't understand a single thing that was going on, you were loved on so much over the holidays. I had to sit back and watch as people were literally fighting over who got to hold you. Everyone wanted their chance to hold you and be the recipient of your big gummy smiles. You received so many special and heartfelt gifts to celebrate the occasion and we were so touched that so many people went above and beyond for you. And as soon as you got sick, we received so many phone calls and people checking in on you every day because they knew how worried we were about you. You are just so loved it is crazy.

And no one loves you more than your mommy and your daddy. I realized a few weeks back that your daddy and I have started to talk obsessively about you when you're not around. After we put you to bed and get into bed ourselves, many nights we end up talking about you. About what you did that day, if you made a new discovery and we've even taking to imitating your faces to each other. You have just taken over all lives in such a whirlwind of love and excitement and we couldn't be happier fools to spend every waking moment obsessing over you!


Emma, 4 months

Saturday, January 1, 2011

My New Year's Baby

28 years ago today a little preemie Larry arrived into this world. He just couldn't wait to be born and I can't miss the opportunity to tell him how glad I am that he was born. I love you Lawrence Anthony Ciccarelli III - you were the best thing to ever happen to me and I have loved every minute of being with you and cannot wait to love on you forever.

the New Year's baby with his baby (wearing the last of her holiday themed bibs)