Friday, December 31, 2010

Is it 2011 yet?

2010 was a great year for us. January-November 2010 that is. December 2010 has not been so fun. I don't mean to go all drama but it has been a rough month. It started with crazy busy times for both of us at work for the first part of the month which left us struggling to get ready for the holidays. And then as of Christmas Eve, Emma has been sick. Granted it's just a cold and could be something much worse but it's been miserable.

When she started showing symptoms I thought to myself oh it's just a little cold, will probably be a rough few days... I did not anticipate 7 days of misery. I honestly feel like this last week has been worse than when she was a newborn. There have been many tears at our house this week and not all from the little miss. Today it seems like she has finally turned the corner so I have to be thankful for that and remember that it could always be worse.

I'm still hoping to document some of our first Christmas together - both the weeks leading up and the actual holiday. She was loved on and received so many special gifts that I just want to remember forever. I've also been remembering that I need to write out her birth story because holy crap she's four months old now.

So here's to 2011 and a wonderful year. I just received some exciting news from a dear friend and cannot be more happy - it truly made my morning. 2011 is going to be a great year for so many special people in our lives and I hope for us too. And in the grand scheme of things, I did get to spend a week holding this little one in my arms so maybe it wasn't such a bad week after all...

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