Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Weekend Coma

It's Tuesday and I'm still in a weekend coma. Having a 4 and half day weekend is amazing until you have to follow it up up with a 5 day work week.... ughhh.

Our long weekend was wonderfully amazing. We spent lots of time with friends and family on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The only store we hit up on Black Friday was Home Depot - becuase yes we are officially loser homeowners who would rather buy things for the house than for ourselves. Friday and Saturday Emma and I spent some time shopping for Christmas decorations which was fun. As usual she slept through both trips.

Don't worry, Emma. Home Depot bores the Momma too :)

Yesterday was hard to get back to work and reality (but isn't it always). I managed to spend some time participating in that certain online shopping day that I refuse to call by the name because I think it sounds creepy. Again, nothing for myself but a stocking for Emma and a tree skirt for our very first tree! And we ordered our very first christmas cards - which was very exciting. I had originally planned to wait until this weekend because Emma is having a photo sesh with Brooke on Friday but couldn't pass up the deal to save 20 bucks yesterday. Since I have other photo projects planned and I can never have enough pictures of our little lady, we'll still see what we can get.

So since I'm still in a coma like state, I'll choose to think about all the good things to come this weekend to help me get through this week. Friday is going to be a Daddy/Emma day because daycare is closed so he'll be taking the day off to spend with her (although I will be working from home). Sunday is the big day for picking out our first tree - looking forward to starting new traditions there.

And of course, always hoping to get in some quality time with my loves... preferrably doing a lot of this... 2/3 of ciccarelli family nap time :)

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