Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Three Months

Dear Emma,

It's hard to believe you are already a quarter of a year old. We have enjoyed every single moment with you of these last 3 months and as always we can't wait to see what is coming next.

The end of this month was a hard one for me because I had to give up our oh so sweet time together and go back to work. Before this month, I had never spent more than an hour or so away from you so it was a big change for me to have to go without seeing you for 10 hours a day. But because I don't spend the weekdays alone with you anymore, it makes all of our time together so much more special.

Right now, your daddy and I are loving your bedtime/wake up routine. You take your bedtime bottle between 8:30-9 and the three of us will go up into your bedroom to feed you. We take turns holding you in the rocker and watching those little eyes flutter shut as you fight to stay awake. You still love to be swaddled up like a little burrito so we wrap you up tight and put lay you down in your crib. Lots of good night kisses and smiles (from both you and us) and you're off to sleep. You don't fuss at all and by the time we are back downstairs looking at the monitor you are fast asleep.

I have to say my favorite is when you wake up in the morning. I hear and see you toss and turn a little on the monitor around 6:30. You aren't quite awake but your legs somehow are moving and are up in the air. When we peer over the crib to pick you up, those big blue eyes pop open and you give us the biggest smile. It is my favorite part of the day. Daddy is trying to teach you the value of sleeping in on the weekends, but if you make it to 7 on those days, I'm still happy to run upstairs to get to see you.

But the smiles don't end there, they last all day. You are such a happy little lady. You smile and laugh the most in the morning (proving you are a morning person like your momma) but its not hard to get you to smile anymore which is just the best thing. You will smile freely at whoever is holding you or feeding you. Although you do love your family and friends, sometimes you reserve your biggest smiles for your friend the ceiling fan. You can lay on your back for almost an hour just belly laughing and kicking your legs in excitement over the fan. It's really hysterical to watch and makes us smile to see you so happy.

Next month is going to be a big one with the holidays and we can't wait to spend them with you. As always, we are only expecting to love each day with you more and more.


Emma, 3 months

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