Thursday, November 4, 2010

Moving on Up

Since Emma has been sleeping for the night for a little while, we decided that she was ready to start sleeping in her own room upstairs in her master suite. When she was first born, she has the pleasure of rooming with us in our room (and a few weeks later in the spare bedroom so that she could be close but also let us get back to being just us at night). She slept in the adorable bassinet which was also the first home to her other little cousins.

Looking so tiny in here!

And I'm happy to report that she is doing just fine up in her crib (with a little help of a princess chandelier nightlight and a baby monitor) in the master suite. Still sleeping through the night and no issues in her new digs...

Although I must admit it took awhile to get used to and I do find myself staring at the monitor when she goes down at night. But as a part of letting go, I do turn off the video so I can just hear her.... which she does make perfectly sure of when she still manages to make enough noise to wake me up when she is ready to :)

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