Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fashion Fauz-Paws?

We woke up Monday morning to a good old "wintery mix" in CT. Rain, snow, and hail... the gang was all there. Instead of running errands as planned with Emma, we decided to hibernate on the couch together for the day. When I went to look for some comfy pj's for the little lady I pulled out this little number...

We've been big fans of the outfits that have little mitten type hand coverings so that Emma doesn't scratch herself in the face but this is the only outfit we have for her that has mitten type foot coverings. I don't really get it but its really warm and fuzzy and one of the only things she owns that isn't pink.

As the day went on and Emma was trying to stand, I realized that her feet looked more like hooves. Don't worry Emma, I won't call the fashion police on you :)

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