Monday, November 22, 2010

Another Reason To Love the iPhone

The best thing about returning to work last week was that I found out that we are working with a new company - Field Agent. Basically it's an iphone app that pays you to shop. I love the idea because I work in shopper marketing and am constantly driving to stores to take pictures or check in on promotions that we are running. I love the idea even more because now it's making me money.

So how it works is basically that you log in and it gives you a list of available "jobs". As a reward for completing these, you receive a payout of a few bucks. So far the ones I've seen are pretty much to go to a store (like a grocery store or walmart) and count the number of products available or check to see if a price is listed. For example, one job was to count the number of coffee products from a particular brand, check to see if there were sale prices listed and take a picture - to do this resulted in me earning $4.50. Another job asked me to take count the number of a packages particular kind of cheese for $3.50. The thing is pretty cool and easy to use - the GPS tracks you so that they know you are in the specified desired location and each job takes minutes to complete. You can request your money anytime through Paypal for an instant payout. Want more info? Check out their website -

Since downloading the app last Monday, I earned $65 bucks. OK so I did complete 17 jobs but I didn't really go out of my way. I went to stores near my home and work and stores in between those two. I may have gone a different route to get from home to work but the opportunity cost wasn't extreme. A few minutes in each store was all it took to complete the task - and because I was completing the same job in multiple locations, I got pretty quick at completing the task. I figure I won't always make this much money every week, mainly last week I was excited about the concept and wanted to try it out. But if I could make a few bucks a week that would be great. My only regret? Not knowing about this while I had endless amounts of free time over a 12 week maternity leave...grrrr

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