Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Two Months

Dear Emma,

This weekend you turned two months old. I think I will always feel this way but I cannot believe two whole months have gone by since you were born. It feels like the days fly by but at the same time, each day is so different and you seem to be doing new things all the time.

Even at two months you have such a little personality to you. You are becoming predictable in your ways and I love it. I love how when you are being fed a bottle, as soon as it hits your lips you immediately clamp your hand down onto the hand of whoever is holding the bottle. It's as if you are saying "I will not let you move this bottle from my mouth". Your little sounds are also my favorite to recognize. Of course there is the all out screaming when you're hungry but you also do the sweetest little bird squawk when you want to be held differently or paid attention to.

The best thing that happened this month was that you started to smile. At first, I tried to delude myself into thinking that your little smiles were just from gas and not real and was so happy to realize that they were smiles just for us! Sometimes you make us work hard for them but we're beginning to figure out the ways to get them. And just the other morning as I was getting you out of your crib (yes, that's new too, because you are sleeping for 7+ hours straight at night you little angel!) in the morning you stopped your fussing and looked up and flashed me that big gummy grin and I just melted. You are such a happy little girl and I think the smiles on my face and your daddy's face are just as big.

Besides smiling, your other new favorite thing to do is look.at.every.single.thing. around you. When you are awake and alert, you simply just have to be looking around. If you're not being held up and facing out, you let us know with your bird squawks. You hold you head up strong and just take everything in. You love to look at the lights and the ceiling fan and are always curiously staring at the front door although I have to constantly remind you that you are stuck with us so there is no use in waiting for someone new to come through :) You also love to be held up so you can use those ridiculously strong legs to stand up while you're doing your exploring. You're doing so much exploring lately that you are napping less during the day which is nice when we are home playing but not so fun when I'm trying to run errands or get things done around the house, but luckily you love to be carried in the baby carrier (of course only if she can see what's going on) so we're still pretty much attached at the hip these days.

Before you were born, most people told us that the first 2 months would be the hardest but looking back, I can't really say that they were that hard. I've loved every minute of being your mother and I'd have to speak for your father that he has as well so if these first 2 months were the worst, I guess the best is yet to come and I can't wait for it.


Emma, 2 months

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