Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pumpkin Picking 2010

Last weekend, we finally found the time to go get a pumpkin with Emma. Since she's so little we couldn't do any of the really fun activities (hay ride, petting zoo, causing general chaos by running around and jumping off of huge stacks of bales of hay) so Emma played it cool and you guessed it, slept for the first part

Since we (meaning me) wanted to take some pictures of Emma enjoying the scenery we (meaning me again against Larry's wishes) decided to wake her up for some photo ops.

Yay for posed pumpkin pictures with Mom...

and Dad

A perfect selection by Larry, and yet another use for the BOB

Oh what's this, we can get a free pumpkin?

Our guess of 8 lbs 14 oz (in honor of the chicklet's birth weight) didn't win :(

All in all we were in and out in a half hour (sans apple cider donuts might I add), didn't have any crying by Emma or anxiety attacks from the crowd by the parental units and Emma was back in the car sleeping again before we pulled out of the parking lot. Can't wait until next year when she is running around picking out her own pumpkin!

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