Thursday, October 21, 2010

Emma's First Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

We recently had the opportunity to spend some a morning playdate with Auntie Brooke at the pumpkin patch. Emma and I trailed along for a photoshoot with Julie and Lyla (check out those amazing pictures here) because I loved Silverman's so much last year when we went apple picking with the Sforzas. Brooke kept saying how much she couldn't get over that last year the four of us and been there and all of a sudden Emma was here!

I happen to share the same exact sentiment. I find myself constantly comparing any point in time to the exact time last year. Sometimes it's still hard to get over the fact that we were granted the miracle of this sweet little baby and she is all ours and will be with us forever!

More photos to come from the talented Brooke Allison since I win Mother of the Year award for plopping my newborn down on a bale of hale in the middle of the bright sun for a photo op :)

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