Friday, October 22, 2010

100! - Part 4

Last, and certainly not least is the newest little Ciccarelli. It's amazing that in just 2 short months, Emma has developed so much of her own personality. It's funny to see what traits she is picking up from both of us and then the little bits and pieces that are all her!

  1. Full name is Emma Martha Ciccarelli
  2. Emma was the only name we considered for her
  3. Emma’s middle name is named for her paternal grandmother
  4. Was born 4 days late
  5. Weighed more at birth than father and two of her cousins combined
  6. Born with blue eyes
  7. Born with strawberry blond hair, not red. If you say my child has red hair, our conversation is over
  8. She yawns exactly like her daddy
  9. Has earned many of her nicknames because of her tendency to squeak like a bird
  10. Makes grunting noises for at least 5 minutes before she wakes up
  11. Farts when she is waking up (she will not like that I told people this when she is older)
  12. Loves to nap on mommy’s chest
  13. Nicknames include birdie, swaddle ninja and poopie monster
  14. Always has fuzz in between her fingers
  15. Loves music and songs, especially the made up songs sung to her by her daddy
  16. Always has the hiccups (this apparently is a continuation from being in utero)
  17. Sneezes a lot
  18. Likes it rough when being hit on the back, the harder the better
  19. Enjoys long walks with lots of bumps in the sidewalk
  20. Flexes her toes out when she is eating and curls them up when she is pooping
  21. Has a huge big toe like her father
  22. Loves to be swaddled when sleeping
  23. We knew she would be a girl when we both woke up one night after both having a dream that I was having a girl
  24. Has become the star of the family and receives all attention
  25. Is the most beautiful, perfect baby and is loved so much by her parents!

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