Tuesday, October 19, 2010

100! - Part 3

I always find interesting to find out things about couples we know. I think I enjoy finding out their quirks because I know that Larry and I share so many. So without further adeu, a glimpse into our relationship with 25 facts about us for Part 3...

  1. The first time we met, we got into a fight (over a dorm room)
  2. The second time we met, I had forgotten who he was
  3. The third time we met (having now absolutely remembered who he was), I coerced Larry into helping me move into my new dorm room (source of the fight from our first meeting)
  4. Shortly after this, I began calling Larry my boyfriend to my roommates (although this was absolutely not true)
  5. When we met I thought, Larry had a funny last name
  6. Larry “asked me out” on 2/9/03. It was after party and we were in his room eating leftover food from his roommate’s work
  7. Our first kiss was after watching top gun
  8. Our first date was to blockbuster to buy a movie (I am still confused as to why the movie was bought at Blockbuster and not rented), our second date was to Panera
  9. For our first Valentine’s day, Larry cleaned my dorm room and gave me homemade cookies from his mother. It was one of the best gifts I have ever received.
  10. When one of my friends asked my mother about Larry shortly after we starting dating, she said she didn’t think it would last
  11. Larry said I love you to me first
  12. We were engaged in Rockefeller plaza in new York city on 5/25/07
  13. The first person to congratulate us was a random security guard who watched the whole thing unfold
  14. We were married on 10/10/08
  15. If we could do it all over again, we could get married just the two of us in a private ceremony, no drama, no fuss and way less expensive
  16. We are the exact same height and Larry hates when I wear any shoes with heels
  17. We don’t buy each other gifts for holidays, anniversaries or birthdays, instead usually splurge on a nice dinner out
  18. Marli considers taking out the trash and killing bugs man tasks and won’t do either if Larry is around
  19. Our primary argument is about watching TV in bed
  20. We rarely agree on any TV show (due to the cartoons and reality TV)
  21. Larry will talk to anyone and Marli is antisocial, we both hate it about each other
  22. Larry won’t send flowers to me at work anymore because the last 2 times he has done it, I have happened to be out of the office
  23. Larry is the maker of breakfasts, handles the grilling and makes amazing milkshakes… Marli will make almost all other meals
  24. We settle all arguments with rock, paper, scissors
  25. We have our own special way of saying I love you. It is too weird to explain.

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