Saturday, October 16, 2010

100! - Part 2

Luckily for Larry I have no shame in posting semi-embarrassing facts about myself so here it goes, a continuation of 100 facts about us...

  1. Full name is Marlaine Michelle Ciccarelli (formerly Marlaine Michelle Milardo)
  2. My mom wanted me to be known as Marli, after a soap opera character (Another World)
  3. Born and raised in Middletown, CT on Milardo Lane
  4. My grandfather has a street named after him in Middletown
  5. I love to bake, especially cakes and cupcakes. I took a cake decorating class from adult ed and loved it
  6. Celebrity gossip is my vice. I used to be an avid reader of books when I was little but now cannot wait for the US Weekly to appear in my mailbox every week
  7. I couldn’t tie my shoes until the 4th grade. I relied mainly on Velcro and friends who would tie them for me until I stopped being lazy and wanted to learn
  8. Never broken a bone
  9. I hate to admit it but I love reality TV
  10. As a child, played soccer, softball, the flute played on a bowling league, danced, horseback riding… infamous for trying things once and then never wanting to do them again
  11. My celebrity crush is Ryan Seacrest
  12. My first concert was new kids on the block (I was in kindergarten)
  13. Getting into bed at night with fresh clean sheets is one of my favorite things in the world
  14. I tend to obsessively clean the day before I get my period
  15. I love to nap
  16. I hate my hands (looks like a child’s) and feet (ugly toes)
  17. I dislike turkey and always ate shrimp cocktail for thanksgiving dinner when I was growing up
  18. I can’t whistle
  19. I can’t snap my fingers
  20. Am one of the few people in the world who absolutely hates Lance Armstrong
  21. My first car was marlim, named for my vanity license plate (which I hated)
  22. Sunday is known to be a no shower, no bra day for me
  23. I was set a microwave meal on fire in the microwave but have since bounced back with excellent cooking abilities
  24. I got into a car accident when I was 16 in the drivers ed car on my very first lesson (not my fault)
  25. I have never drank coffee in my life and I can’t stand the smell of it

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