Tuesday, October 12, 2010

100! - Part 1

Switching it up a bit today in honor of the 100th post on this blog! Thought it would be fun to list out 100 facts about the Ciccarelli family broken up into facts about Larry, Marli, Larry and Marli and Emma.

First up is Larry. Because he would not contribute, I will not apologize for any facts that he wish weren't made public...

  1. Full name is Lawrence Anthony Ciccarelli III
  2. Larry was born January 1st 1983 weighing in at 3lbs 7 oz.
  3. Larry played soccer in Europe during high school
  4. Has been known to memorize random things like entire credit card numbers
  5. His favorite TV shows are cartoons like Family Guy and South Park
  6. He loves video games (and unfortunately is made fun of by his wife)
  7. Loves Tax, no further explanation
  8. Is afraid of heights
  9. Hates flying
  10. Gets carsick, boatsick, airsick
  11. Has gotten into two car accidents as a designated driver
  12. Only likes buttercream frosting, which luckily I am pretty awesome at making
  13. Loves Tom Cruise
  14. Once owned a Porsche
  15. Snores when overly tired or has been drinking
  16. For some reason, gets terrible breath after drinking milk
  17. Loves to drink Pepsi (see above pictures of Extreme Gulp from 7-11 that he once contemplated getting)
  18. Loves to eat bacon
  19. When concentrating really hard, sticks tongue out of mouth
  20. Favorite days are rainy days
  21. Gets red spots over his eye lids when he vomits
  22. Hates bad driving
  23. Likes to spend his birthday doing nothing
  24. Will only eat tuna fish with potato chips (and if made at home, must be washed after taken out of the can)
  25. Could be a member of best buy’s geek squad due to his infinite knowledge of technology. Unfortunately for him, many of our family and friends already know this fact and he is asked to make frequent house calls


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