Monday, July 19, 2010

The View From Here...

is looking pretty amazing right about now.

it seems like everything (except for time apparently - hello 32 days!) is slowing down these days. house projects are done (pausing here for a round of applause), the chicklet's room for the most part is complete, and the speed of this momma to be has also come crashing down in recent weeks.

it's a really good place to be right now. sure it's hot as hell outside (for once thankful to work in an air conditioned office) and i'm ready for bed before the sun goes down but this is probably the most relaxed that i've been since just about december 2009.

which is why it was really nice to spend the day saturday cashing in some gift certificates that i'd been hoarding with a little massage, manicure and peidcure action followed up by an afternoon nap on the couch :)

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