Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Words To Live By

last week when i said i was relaxed i apparently was only referring to home-life because work-life has been crazy and i am looking forward to 12 weeks off. until then, my new motto is..

i'd by lying if i said i didnt walk by this picture at least twice in homegoods last week and was tempted to buy it but knew larry would freak - makes me wish i still lived with girls who would totally love it

Friday, July 23, 2010

Pregnancy Perks

one advantage of being pregnant? the priority parking...

i think larry was more excited than i was when we could start using this priority parking - most commonly found at the mall, target and stop and shop. i often always wondered what would happen if i had tried to park in one of these spots pre-baby. would someone say something? what if i was just a little big pregnant and not showing yet, how would anyone know the difference? now that i've been in the "obviously pregnant" category for some time (which by the way you know you have hit when you start get comments from strangers about your belly) i can't lie by saying i don't look for these spots everywhere.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Is This What You Would Call A Craving?

i've been getting asked alot in recent weeks if i'm having any cravings. my typical response is that i've been eating alot of fruit and alot of ice cream. but i also feel like that is pretty typical of my summer routine. every weekend, i try to stock the fridge with tons of fresh cut fruit so that it's easy to pack up and take to work during the week. i went through a few week phase when i was buying whole watermelons and going through one in a work week. but don't think that i'm not including pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, bananas and pears in rotation as well. but again, one of my favorite parts of summer is all of the amazing fresh fruit so its hard to say if this summer's fruit consumption is directly tied to the melon in my belly this year.

same goes for the ice cream... each spring i look forward to the opening of favorite ice cream places. larry pretends that this causes an inconvenience to him but i know he feels no shame in our visit to many of southern connecticut's best establishments. so if you're looking for a reccomendation of where to eat ice cream if you're looking for soft serve (cone zone), sundaes (friendly's), candy mixed (dairy queen) or packaged (edy's 1/2 and 1/2) just let me know and i'll help you out :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

The View From Here...

is looking pretty amazing right about now.

it seems like everything (except for time apparently - hello 32 days!) is slowing down these days. house projects are done (pausing here for a round of applause), the chicklet's room for the most part is complete, and the speed of this momma to be has also come crashing down in recent weeks.

it's a really good place to be right now. sure it's hot as hell outside (for once thankful to work in an air conditioned office) and i'm ready for bed before the sun goes down but this is probably the most relaxed that i've been since just about december 2009.

which is why it was really nice to spend the day saturday cashing in some gift certificates that i'd been hoarding with a little massage, manicure and peidcure action followed up by an afternoon nap on the couch :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Seems A Little Harsh, No?

You won't find me complaining much these days about the lack of booze for the rest of the world but this Sunday posting at Stop and Shop seemed to be a little over the top. oh connecticut, i heart you and your twisted humor.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Toys All Around

With the due date of the chicklet arriving, we've been on a self-imposed spending freeze. we've been ridiculously fortunate to not have to pay for many things in preparation of the baby and even more fortunate to not have had to spend much money on home improvements (aside from the paint and feeding the unpaid help). of course larry got his (well deserved) playstation but aside from that, we've been trying to keep things pretty tight. except for these very recent purchases...

matching iphones for mommy and daddy...

and although a little premature for teething, a sophie for the chicklet...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


So the World Cup wrapped up this past weekend. of course I didn’t watch as many games as Larry (although I did see my share of live and dvr’d taped games) the thing I most took away from the event is how different our lives will be in 4 years. When the World Cup returns, we’ll have a nearly 4-year old in our presence. She’ll have long outgrown the adorable soccer toy above but will there be another little one shaking that very same toy in his or her hand? For the record – this is something Larry brought up as we talked about this the other night… as for me, I’m most concerned with getting this one out and keeping her alive, never mind family planning ahead 4 years!

But really, I can remember the last World Cup so clearly. We were living in Boston, working at different jobs, living in an apartment outside of the city and living a completely separate life from the one that we are living right now. Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving this current life but just crazy to think about where we were 4 years ago and how much has changed since then and what could possibly change in the next 4 years. I guess for now, I’ll just keep living in the moment with my soccer loving husband and our little chicklet who has been making soccer kicks of her own lately in my belly :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

If It's Summer, Then It's Time For...

Now that we’re officially in summer (hello 5 straight days of 90 degree humidity), we turn the disappointing lack of good tv shows (if you don’t count Kourtney and Khloe take Miami as good tv) into one of our favorite pastimes – watching baseball. I’m sad to say that we have only attended 1 Yankee game this year and even sadder to say that it was back in April and I am just now stopping to actually write about it.

To start, it was nowhere near as hot as it’s been now, in fact it was cold, cloudy and looking like the sky might open up and dump rain on us any minute but don’t let my complaining fool you, it was a great day at the ballpark. I mean who doesn’t love waiting in line for a half hour for garlic fries (and subsequently missing a huge inning complete with multiple hits and home runs) and sitting next to obnoxious drunk college kids (which by the way, gets even more obnoxious when you’re pregnant and can’t drink to block them out) while huddling underneath a blanket shivering (ok this actually worked in my benefit because I got to play the pregnancy card to steal more of the blanket and get to cuddle underneath it).

But really, it was still a great day to sit in that huge stadium and watch your favorite team win a game. Right, Derek?

The saddest part of the day though was seeing the old stadium in it’s current state. Last year, you knew it was being ripped apart from the inside out (you can’t sell those empty blue seats for ridiculous prices without pulling them out after all) but at least you really couldn’t see it. But back in April, it was such a weird site to be standing in front of this enormous, gorgeous building…

And then turn 180 degrees and see this behind you...

Coincidentally, I heard the other morning that they are done with the tearing down and are starting to work on the park that is going to occupy the space so I guess it’s all just a part of change and moving on. But at least I know that we can take the little chicklet to a game in the new stadium someday and she will love it (although mommy might have to be the one that waits for the garlic fries because I think I’ve abused that privilege already and ruined it for the both of us).