Thursday, May 13, 2010

what a wednesday

it must be larry appreciation week around here because yesterday he once again proved to be my hero.

after a 2 hour commute in the rain, i was in a car accident (and not my fault by the way). one tear-filled call to larry and five minutes later he had everything under control. when i was transported by ambulance to the hospital for observation on the chicklet, he stayed behind to deal with the police report, the car towing and the insurance and then stayed by my side for the rest of the day in the hospital.

everything thing is fine with me and the babe - many blood tests, heart monitoring, and ultrasounds later the final verdict is no damage to the little one (the car, not so much). just a nice little 6 hour visit to the hospital to make a miserable morning turn into a miserable day. the good news is that we got to sneak another peek at the little one (who is currently sitting cross legged in my belly) and spent a few hours listening to her little heart beat swish swish swish away (which was strangely very comforting as i tried to nap).

so thank you again to my wonderful husband who made an otherwise terrible day a little more bearable. thank you for taking care of the technicalities and paperwork so i could rest. and most importantly, thank you for not even blinking an eye when i requested ice cream for dinner :)

even heros need to take little cat naps...

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