Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thank Heavens For Little Girls (And Wonderful Family and Friends)

I thought that once we found out that our little babe was a girl that I would go crazy with shopping but surprisingly i haven't. I think that is mainly due to crazy work schedules, home improvements and just general life craziness getting in the way. So far, i have only bought this one outfit...

We recently registered for the little chicklet which was a major "holy crap how does this little thing need so much?" moment. larry opted to not participate in the registering because wedding registering was way too overwhelming and i'm jealous that i couldn't opt out as well. it's hard to believe that in a few months, we'll have a little person living with us (and apparently all of her belongings). the good news is that thanks to a generous gift from my mom and sister, we have a crib now (albeit a crib in pieces in an unpainted nursery) so according to larry the chicket will have a place to sleep other than the "box with newspaper shreddings".

A big thank you to auntie brooke for bringing over adorable outfits every single week. i truly believe you are single handedly outfitting our child. i promise i will get some pics of the amazing gifts that i find myself visiting and looking over at least once a week :)

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  1. auntie brooke loves little baby cicca :) I've got presents from Paris (small presents) but parisian presents nonetheless. xoxoxo