Wednesday, May 5, 2010

no me gusta

today was the first real day in this pregnancy that I have actually been sad that I couldn’t drink. I’ve held my own at work happy hours and dinners out with non-alcoholic drinks (thank goodness for the summer and unsweetened iced tea) but today I’m a little sad.

Cinco de mayo has been one of my favorite holidays since college. Not that I ever needed an excuse to drink a maragritas or have some nachos but it always was more fun on the 5th.

So tonight as my co-workers got ready to head to an outdoor patio on this gorgeous evening, i will get ready to watch larry and his amigos play some softball. it's ok, i know the little chica i'm baking is better than any tequila deliciousness. but maybe bridgeport hospital serves margaritas?


  1. Friend, I will bring you a margarita in the hospital!!

  2. Aw!

    Well Marley, If it makes you feel any better I was writing papers all night, I couldn't even enjoy my last Cinco de Mayo in college, it was depressing ::womp womp::