Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Favor

dear chicklet,

i wanted to write to you today to ask you a favor. although i've been able to feel your very little sweet kicks (let's keep it that way ok?) for awhile now but so far your daddy hasn't been able to feel a thing. every night he rubs my belly and tries to feel for them but ends up dissapointed every time.

he's very good to you already. back in the day when you were making mommy feel not so great, he was always quick to get us something to drink (and it's an amazing thing that he knows that straws must always accompany orange gatorade and gingerale but nothing else) and always brings us snacks when we're hungry (but maybe it's also because he also has found a newfound love for milano cookies). if you give him a little kick now and then, i'm sure he'll be sure to find out all your favorites and wait on you hand and foot in a few months like he does on me.

oh and the most sweetest thing of all that daddy does? he loves on you and misses you whenever we're not together. phone calls, emails, texts all day long to check in on you. this might not be as cute when you're 16 and wanting to be left alone but for now, i think this is just adorable :)

so give your dad a break and let him in on the action, ok?


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