Monday, May 17, 2010

Benjamin Moore's Best Customers

Painting has been ruling our lives lately. After a few month hiatus on house renovations (because quite frankly after going hard for a few weekends when we moved in, we decided that we actually wanted to enjoy our weekends) we have picked back up on the painting. We have three rooms left to paint (on the plus side, we already painted 3 plus hallways) before the chicklet arrives. The goal is to be all painted/decorated by the end of June so the race is on.
Because I don't make decisions easily and have the hardest time choosing between options, selecting paint colors has been a bit of a challenge. The good news is that my friends at Benjamin Moore offer these little bits of love...

The bad news is that I've bought so many that the guys behind the counter know me by name and have asked on more than one occasion if I'm planning on buying one of everything. Pfft, I hope they don't get paid on comission because that attitude is not very nice.

Anyway, almost every room in the house has had one of these little designs on the wall as we've made our choices.

Here is the official net out of the amount of samples it's taken us to choose colors:

Living Room - 3 (1 brought in from the old house)
Hallway - 1 (brought in from the old house)
Bedroom - 4
Bathroom - 2 (this is largely because I asked for reccomendations at BM)
Spare Bedroom - 0 (color shamlessly stolen from a friend's house)
Baby's Room - 0 (brought in from the old house)
Kitchen - 6 (to be fair, 1 is one of the rejects from the living room)
Yes, I know this is shameful... and the worst part is that it's been up in the kitchen wall for over a month

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