Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekend Love

Remnants of two very wonderful weekends spent with amazing friends celebrating the best of times...

After two long weekends of traveling to Boston and Maine to celebrate the bridal showers of two very special ladies, this momma is happy to be home on the couch with a little something extra to look at and smile while remembering how grateful I am to have such remarkable people in my life.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thank Heavens For Little Girls (And Wonderful Family and Friends)

I thought that once we found out that our little babe was a girl that I would go crazy with shopping but surprisingly i haven't. I think that is mainly due to crazy work schedules, home improvements and just general life craziness getting in the way. So far, i have only bought this one outfit...

We recently registered for the little chicklet which was a major "holy crap how does this little thing need so much?" moment. larry opted to not participate in the registering because wedding registering was way too overwhelming and i'm jealous that i couldn't opt out as well. it's hard to believe that in a few months, we'll have a little person living with us (and apparently all of her belongings). the good news is that thanks to a generous gift from my mom and sister, we have a crib now (albeit a crib in pieces in an unpainted nursery) so according to larry the chicket will have a place to sleep other than the "box with newspaper shreddings".

A big thank you to auntie brooke for bringing over adorable outfits every single week. i truly believe you are single handedly outfitting our child. i promise i will get some pics of the amazing gifts that i find myself visiting and looking over at least once a week :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Benjamin Moore's Best Customers

Painting has been ruling our lives lately. After a few month hiatus on house renovations (because quite frankly after going hard for a few weekends when we moved in, we decided that we actually wanted to enjoy our weekends) we have picked back up on the painting. We have three rooms left to paint (on the plus side, we already painted 3 plus hallways) before the chicklet arrives. The goal is to be all painted/decorated by the end of June so the race is on.
Because I don't make decisions easily and have the hardest time choosing between options, selecting paint colors has been a bit of a challenge. The good news is that my friends at Benjamin Moore offer these little bits of love...

The bad news is that I've bought so many that the guys behind the counter know me by name and have asked on more than one occasion if I'm planning on buying one of everything. Pfft, I hope they don't get paid on comission because that attitude is not very nice.

Anyway, almost every room in the house has had one of these little designs on the wall as we've made our choices.

Here is the official net out of the amount of samples it's taken us to choose colors:

Living Room - 3 (1 brought in from the old house)
Hallway - 1 (brought in from the old house)
Bedroom - 4
Bathroom - 2 (this is largely because I asked for reccomendations at BM)
Spare Bedroom - 0 (color shamlessly stolen from a friend's house)
Baby's Room - 0 (brought in from the old house)
Kitchen - 6 (to be fair, 1 is one of the rejects from the living room)
Yes, I know this is shameful... and the worst part is that it's been up in the kitchen wall for over a month

Thursday, May 13, 2010

what a wednesday

it must be larry appreciation week around here because yesterday he once again proved to be my hero.

after a 2 hour commute in the rain, i was in a car accident (and not my fault by the way). one tear-filled call to larry and five minutes later he had everything under control. when i was transported by ambulance to the hospital for observation on the chicklet, he stayed behind to deal with the police report, the car towing and the insurance and then stayed by my side for the rest of the day in the hospital.

everything thing is fine with me and the babe - many blood tests, heart monitoring, and ultrasounds later the final verdict is no damage to the little one (the car, not so much). just a nice little 6 hour visit to the hospital to make a miserable morning turn into a miserable day. the good news is that we got to sneak another peek at the little one (who is currently sitting cross legged in my belly) and spent a few hours listening to her little heart beat swish swish swish away (which was strangely very comforting as i tried to nap).

so thank you again to my wonderful husband who made an otherwise terrible day a little more bearable. thank you for taking care of the technicalities and paperwork so i could rest. and most importantly, thank you for not even blinking an eye when i requested ice cream for dinner :)

even heros need to take little cat naps...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Favor

dear chicklet,

i wanted to write to you today to ask you a favor. although i've been able to feel your very little sweet kicks (let's keep it that way ok?) for awhile now but so far your daddy hasn't been able to feel a thing. every night he rubs my belly and tries to feel for them but ends up dissapointed every time.

he's very good to you already. back in the day when you were making mommy feel not so great, he was always quick to get us something to drink (and it's an amazing thing that he knows that straws must always accompany orange gatorade and gingerale but nothing else) and always brings us snacks when we're hungry (but maybe it's also because he also has found a newfound love for milano cookies). if you give him a little kick now and then, i'm sure he'll be sure to find out all your favorites and wait on you hand and foot in a few months like he does on me.

oh and the most sweetest thing of all that daddy does? he loves on you and misses you whenever we're not together. phone calls, emails, texts all day long to check in on you. this might not be as cute when you're 16 and wanting to be left alone but for now, i think this is just adorable :)

so give your dad a break and let him in on the action, ok?


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

no me gusta

today was the first real day in this pregnancy that I have actually been sad that I couldn’t drink. I’ve held my own at work happy hours and dinners out with non-alcoholic drinks (thank goodness for the summer and unsweetened iced tea) but today I’m a little sad.

Cinco de mayo has been one of my favorite holidays since college. Not that I ever needed an excuse to drink a maragritas or have some nachos but it always was more fun on the 5th.

So tonight as my co-workers got ready to head to an outdoor patio on this gorgeous evening, i will get ready to watch larry and his amigos play some softball. it's ok, i know the little chica i'm baking is better than any tequila deliciousness. but maybe bridgeport hospital serves margaritas?