Wednesday, April 28, 2010

traveling woes

last week, i took baby ciccarelli on a little road trip (read: mandatory work trip) to arkansas. oh Ar-Kansas, the land of walmarts (more on that later), chain food restaurants (i can't even begin to describe the sheer quantity of strip malls with endless amounts of crappy food) and creepy crosses (scroll down to have the peace be with you).

the highlights of my trip included spending 2 hours inside a Walmart store "observing" and spending several hours at a PF Changs party. i haven't mentioned it much on here but so far the only food adversion i've had during this pregnancy is chinese food. granted, PF Changs is hardly considered chinese food but that doesn't mean i needed to be around it for 6 hours. or eat it two days later for lunch. not that the rest of the dining options were much better: gross pizza, mexican, seafood.... i think the best meal i had on the trip was the mcdonald's fry and snickers bar i ate in chicago on the layover home.

oh wait, i take that back... the best thing i ate was the delicious virgin strawberry daquiri that my darling co-workers just had to embarass me with at the PF Chang's party.

they felt bad that i couldn't drink and didn't want me to miss out on the fun. i admit, altough i did protest getting the drink for fear i would look like a five year old, i definitely enjoyed it.

oh and here's the view from the hotel... if you think it's creepy now, think about seeing it illuminated at night

(shamefully stolen from some internet website because i was too afraid my camera would break if i took a picture for the sole purpose of mocking them)

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