Thursday, April 1, 2010


half baked is not just the name of a delicious ben & jerry's ice cream flavor but is also the state of this pregnancy. as of tomorrow, i am officially 20 weeks and our little chicklet (the new acceptable name for larry to refer to the baby as - since he was only using "the worm") is half-baked. so in other words, holy crap its half way over already?

according to baby center, our little chicklet has grown as big as a banana. (Length: about 6 1/2 inches from head to bottom, and 10 inches from head to heel.). i'd have to say that the most surprising thing so far about this pregnancy is the delight in which larry and i both look forward to the weekly emails from aside from providing helpful tips such as ... your baby can hear now (uh oh better stop swearing but at least it's comical that larry has been talking to my belly for weeks for apparently no reason) and the ears have moved to their final position (eww gross, where were they before?) and other good tidbits like that.

but i digress, the best part is that each week, babycenter compares the size of the baby to a piece of food. starting out as small as a poppyseed at 4 weeks and ending as large as a small pumpkin, each week includes a visual and comparative measurement. so here we are this week - banana baby! and ps - in case you forgot how big a banana is, the quarter is there for reference.

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