Saturday, April 3, 2010

Adventures in Painting

we were ridiculously fortunate to have purchased a house that doesn't require much work so the majority of our home renovations thus far have been painting. now because i'm preggo and shouldn't be around too many noxious fumes, larry (and friends - thank goodness for friends) have been responsible for the paining. we took the first few weekends of home ownership and dedicated to painting the most important rooms - the bedroom (you know so we can lay in bed and sleep at night) and the living room (you know so that we can stop painting and be lazy by laying on the couch). throw in some hallways and i'd call us half-way done with painting. the goal is to be completely painted and decorated by the end of june so yay for us.

here is the most memorable moment captured so far during painting - larry managing to spill a container of white paint all over the wall....

the floor...

and somehow, up his ass?

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