Wednesday, April 28, 2010

traveling woes

last week, i took baby ciccarelli on a little road trip (read: mandatory work trip) to arkansas. oh Ar-Kansas, the land of walmarts (more on that later), chain food restaurants (i can't even begin to describe the sheer quantity of strip malls with endless amounts of crappy food) and creepy crosses (scroll down to have the peace be with you).

the highlights of my trip included spending 2 hours inside a Walmart store "observing" and spending several hours at a PF Changs party. i haven't mentioned it much on here but so far the only food adversion i've had during this pregnancy is chinese food. granted, PF Changs is hardly considered chinese food but that doesn't mean i needed to be around it for 6 hours. or eat it two days later for lunch. not that the rest of the dining options were much better: gross pizza, mexican, seafood.... i think the best meal i had on the trip was the mcdonald's fry and snickers bar i ate in chicago on the layover home.

oh wait, i take that back... the best thing i ate was the delicious virgin strawberry daquiri that my darling co-workers just had to embarass me with at the PF Chang's party.

they felt bad that i couldn't drink and didn't want me to miss out on the fun. i admit, altough i did protest getting the drink for fear i would look like a five year old, i definitely enjoyed it.

oh and here's the view from the hotel... if you think it's creepy now, think about seeing it illuminated at night

(shamefully stolen from some internet website because i was too afraid my camera would break if i took a picture for the sole purpose of mocking them)

Monday, April 26, 2010

10 on 10

2 weeks ago (clearly an indication of my lack of motivation lately), in a very unique birthday party (of which i would expect no less from these two) the ciccarelli and wrigley families got together to celebrate the 10th birthday of jack and madison on april 10th. i say unique because of the food at the party (special requests of all the twins' favorites) including mussels, pigs in a blankets, nachos, and pulled pork - kinda sounds like a carnival minus the fish haha.

in the most surprising twist of the day, neither would accept any wishes of "happy birthday" until their official "birth moments" close to 7pm after the carnival of eating. most kids i know will talk about their birthday all day, every day, for days but these two just wouldn't have it. here's a few images of the selected desserts:

blueberry pie for jack before...

and after...

and chocolate cake for madison (action shot)...

and enjoying her dessert choice...

and last but not least, a shot of the happy family :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

So Loved Already

Baby girl, you are so loved already. That's right, now that we know that baby ciccarelli is in fact a little chica, i'm excited to let the shopping begin :)

but because there are a few other things going on in life right now (new house, demanding job, being ridiculously sick and only able to take tylenol, etc.) i haven't purchased a single thing. good thing, so many people have already been so sweet in sending phone calls, cards and gifts for our sweet baby girl...

first up, the first official yankees shirt. given my auntie missy the day of our 9 week u/s when we saw the little one's heartbeat. can't wait to put the little one into this for the fall world series games :)

and from auntie sarah, an adorable pair of booties that i can't wait to squish those little feet into - in my favorite color of course...

can't wait to see what else i can pick up over the next 4 months...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What These Eyes Have Seen...

today i had the pleasure of road-tripping to new jersey for the day. a co-worker of mine had to do some picture taking at Walmart (astonishingly, i spend way too much time doing this for my job) so i volunteered to go for the ride. what was supposed to be a few hour trip turned into an all day affair. i didn't get to see any guidos fist pumping ala jersey shore but i did get to see these:

the inside of 3 walmarts and of course the special people inside...

what i can only assume is the reason why i continusouly see commercials for these two places although these appear to be the closest ones to ct...

i really can't complain though. i got to spend the day out of the office soaking in the sun (even if it was from the car). and on the super bright side, i scored two additional bags of cadbury minieggs from walmart at 75% off! not enough to hold us over until next easter but at least a little while.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Adventures in Painting

we were ridiculously fortunate to have purchased a house that doesn't require much work so the majority of our home renovations thus far have been painting. now because i'm preggo and shouldn't be around too many noxious fumes, larry (and friends - thank goodness for friends) have been responsible for the paining. we took the first few weekends of home ownership and dedicated to painting the most important rooms - the bedroom (you know so we can lay in bed and sleep at night) and the living room (you know so that we can stop painting and be lazy by laying on the couch). throw in some hallways and i'd call us half-way done with painting. the goal is to be completely painted and decorated by the end of june so yay for us.

here is the most memorable moment captured so far during painting - larry managing to spill a container of white paint all over the wall....

the floor...

and somehow, up his ass?

Thursday, April 1, 2010


half baked is not just the name of a delicious ben & jerry's ice cream flavor but is also the state of this pregnancy. as of tomorrow, i am officially 20 weeks and our little chicklet (the new acceptable name for larry to refer to the baby as - since he was only using "the worm") is half-baked. so in other words, holy crap its half way over already?

according to baby center, our little chicklet has grown as big as a banana. (Length: about 6 1/2 inches from head to bottom, and 10 inches from head to heel.). i'd have to say that the most surprising thing so far about this pregnancy is the delight in which larry and i both look forward to the weekly emails from aside from providing helpful tips such as ... your baby can hear now (uh oh better stop swearing but at least it's comical that larry has been talking to my belly for weeks for apparently no reason) and the ears have moved to their final position (eww gross, where were they before?) and other good tidbits like that.

but i digress, the best part is that each week, babycenter compares the size of the baby to a piece of food. starting out as small as a poppyseed at 4 weeks and ending as large as a small pumpkin, each week includes a visual and comparative measurement. so here we are this week - banana baby! and ps - in case you forgot how big a banana is, the quarter is there for reference.