Thursday, March 25, 2010

Still an "It"

So after a very frustrating appointment at the doctor's last friday, we are still left calling out little babe an "it". the baby wasn't in a good position, it might be too early to tell, blah blah blah no exciting baby news and no shopping :(

they did say that it is "probably a girl" because at first glance there wasn't anything hanging around to see but still not a 100% confirmation so "it" it is until next friday when we will try again.

the good news is that all is healthy and the little one is growing bigger every week and still moving and shaking like crazy so i guess we can't complain although i did have a crazy moment when larry jokingly suggested that maybe our baby had no parts. which made me think of the "human" mascot from community. very scary thought...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nice Seeing You Spring

that spring is such a tease. after multiple days (including a whole weekend!) of high 60's weather and sunshine, we are back to cold and rain.

luckily i have this bright and sunny image of these lovely flowers that landed on my desk a few weeks ago :)

here's looking forward to more sunny days, more flowers, and more flip flop weather to come.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Only Day I Wear Green

happy st. patrick's day! although i rock the skin color of a 100% irish girl, i'm in fact only 25% and happen to find march 17th the only acceptable day of the year to wear green (it's just not my color).

so the ciccarellis have been slacking with the updates - but hey we've been kinda busy. more frequent posts to come as i for one really want to document more about this exciting time in our lives. on the house front - we're officially moved in but not yet completely unpacked. on the baby front - we are officially two days away from finding out the gender - squeee!

i leave you with this official first bump photo in all of it's green glory and the thought of a little babe to dress up as a leprechaun next year!