Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The One Where He Asked Me Out

today marks the 7th year anniversary of larry and i officially becoming a couple. seems like it was just yesterday that we went off to a fraternity rush party together and then went back to your room, you heated up leftovers for us to eat (courtesy of jeff and his nights at vinny t's), and we had "the talk". many people over the years have asked me how i knew this was our anniversary and i always laugh and say it's because it's when larry "asked me out" :)

it's been a crazy 7 years and it looks like year 8 is going to be the craziest yet. thanks for claiming me, love. i hope i have perpetually returned the favor by never making you celebrate valentine's day since our anniversary falls so close. you can always count on me to help you avoid spending that 75% markup on flowers, but that doesn't mean you can't send me something any other day of the year.

to celebrate, last night we went out to dinner. it has long been our tradition that in lieu of gifts, we treat ourselves to a big meal to celebrate our big day. when we lived in boston, it was always fire and ice. when we moved to ct, we started going to steakhouses (capital grille and mortons were the recents). last night, we opted for the local deliciousness of Marisa's in trumbull. i have yet to ever come across a more delicious vodka sauce. no matter where i order it (even in the north end) it never compares.

and because i was too excited to eat it last night to take a picture, here are my leftovers from lunch today on an unceremonious paper plate. still delicious though.

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