Thursday, January 7, 2010

I Miss You Food Network or Another Reason to Hate Cablevision

So while most people were celebrating the start of 2010 on January 1st with smiles and laughter, I was mourning the loss of the Food Network. Let me explain...

Cable options in CT are pretty dismal. There is only one provider (aside from Satellite TV) in our area which is Cablevision. I can't remember why Larry started hating them or why I joined in (I think it has something to do with their beyond obnoxious rap song commercials) but now I definitely know why I will continue to hate them forever. It seems that has of 1/1/2010, their agreement to air the Scripps Network programming (Food Network and HGTV) ended because of contract negotiations. So I guess that means that Cablevision misses out on some income but what it means for all their subscribers is that we can no longer watch these channels. And

I love the Food Network. Always have. Every show (well not anything involving Guy Fieri). Now, when you flip to the channel, all you see is some dumb message from Cablevision apologizing for the inconvenience. It is terrible. I almost shed a tear on New Years Day when I was flipping through the TV Guide and saw that the lines for Food Network and HGTV are just blank. They look so sad and dejected. I miss them and I want them back.
It seems like I'm not alone. There are facebook groups, online petitions and websites dedicated to this travesty. I hope they bring it back soon because I feel like I've lost an old friend. You know, the kind that always wants to eat.

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