Thursday, January 21, 2010

How Do You Roll?

When I saw the Cottonelle Roll Poll commercial on TV a few weeks ago, I felt like they were speaking directly to me. Because this is a big debate in our house. Larry and I have never been able to agree on which way the toilet paper roll should hang. I always knew we probably weren't the only crazies who bicker over this stuff. And judging by the response on the website, it looks like this is a nation divided (unfortunately not in my favor).

I prefer to roll under, because I think it flows better. Larry prefers to roll over because it provides... umm... easy access for those who stand to pee. So far the only thing we've ever been able to agree on is that whoever is the one that replaces the roll gets to put it on the way they prefer. Compromise in marriage at it's best, folks.

This is the second best solution to disagreement that we've ever come up with - first of course being rock, paper, scissors has the ultimate say in all arguments/disagreements/we're both too lazy to get up from the bed to turn the light off.