Friday, December 4, 2009

Tsk, Tsk, Eldrick

Celebrities and scandals go hand and hand. And unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Tiger Woods is the latest victim of scandal. I’ve always liked Tiger Woods and thought he always seemed to be a good guy but I guess nothing surprises me these days. So it’s safe to say now that Tiger has pretty much admitted something went down.

I think most people that know me know that I have an extreme hatred for Lance Armstrong and his cheating ways but with Tiger, I’ll choose to focus on the funniest parts of this whole story:

  1. Tiger’s wife Elin supposedly used one of his golf clubs to help free him from his car

  2. I’ve read a report where Tiger told his friend in a taped phone conversation that he needed to get a "Kobe Special” or a "A house on a finger."

  3. Even though you’re a billionare, you still need to ask for favors… you know the ones where you ask your mistress to remove her name from her voicemail because your wife got hold of your cell phone?

  4. Comedians are having a field day with this whole thing. My favorite joke is from George Lopez: "“There’s a lot of speculation on what caused the crash,” Lopez said. “Let me remind you Tiger Woods is half-Black and half-Asian ... the Black side picked the rims that went on the Escalade, the Asian side was driving.”
The Woods family in happier times

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