Sunday, December 20, 2009

RIP Larry's iPhone

7/11/08 -12/19/09

Yesterday we mourned the loss of a great companion. After a fateful visit through the washing machine, Larry's beloved white 16gb iphone is no longer with us.

After a brief miss-communication with the laundry fairy*, the iphone remained in the pocket of a pair of Larry's sweatpants bound for a saturday night laundry washing. The laundry fairy has been given a verbal warning and promises to check pockets more thoroughly after her second offense ( Larry's coach wallet met a similar fate a few years back in boston) of this nature.

Since I have promised not to bring up the topic, I apologize in advance to my husband for this post. My final parting words are that today has been wonderfully quiet without the stupid fantasy football app chiming its alerts every 5 minutes.

*the laundry fairy is our running joke about how the laundry gets done in our household. Larry often remarks that his clothes disappear from the bedroom floor and re-appear in his dresser drawers through the help of the laundry fairy. Of course we're not talking about tinkerbell here, it's really just the work of a really fantastic (read: clean freak) housewife.

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