Friday, December 18, 2009

Holiday Favorites (Day 9): Oprah's Favorite Things

It's no twist of fate that Oprah's Favorite Things is on my list of Favorite Things. Every year, Oprah picks an episode and selects 20 or so of her favorite gifts for that year and gives one away to every one in her audience. Some things are small, like books or clothes, but some things are crazy like TVs or cars! You can actually refer back to the history of her lists here. In my opinoin, its the best episode of the year. Except that this year, Oprah has decided to not share her Favorite Things with the world. Bah humbug.

This episode normally airs the day before Thanksgiving and I've somehow always managed to watch it (because of early release from work or traveling home from college). Last year I tuned in and was majorly dissapointed. Oprah decided to have the theme of "How to Have the Thriftiest Holiday Ever!" and give out homemade gift ideas. I appreicate the craftiness but lady I tune in to salivate all of the ridicuslously expensive crap that I'll never have.

I get that the economy sucks and people can't afford to buy Uggs or crazy electronic equipment just because Oprah says she loves it but who cares. I'm just as happy to sit at home and watch the sheer delight in the lucky son of a bitch's eyes who have the dumb luck to be at that particular taping. As long as someone gets the free stuff, I'm fine with watching it on TV and dreaming....

I thought this picture was funny. I'm sure all of her employees are paid well which is probably the only reason they subject themselves to dressing up like elves

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