Monday, December 14, 2009

Holiday Favorites (Day 7): Christmas Trees

Although this is the 5th Christmas that Larry and I have lived together (crap, does that really mean we graduated almost 5 years ago?) we have never put up a Christmas tree. When we lived in Boston, our apartment's landlord wouldn't allow it and we also took off for CT for the holidays, making it not even worth it to try to sneak one in. Then for the last few years, we've lived with family so we'd help with theirs but never really considered it our own.

And since we don't have one again this year, we took some time out this weekend to help decorate Grandma & Grandpa's tree with the kids. A great replacement, but still looking forward to next year for a tree of our own!

Larry and Jillian

Jack's only contribution (and a sign that the Ciccarelli family is made up only of Yankee fans)

the finished product (minus the top)

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