Saturday, December 12, 2009

Holiday Favorites (Day 6): Holiday Baking

I really do enjoy to bake all year round but definitely enjoy holiday baking the most. Christmas brings out the kind of creativity and details that just don't go into ordinary chocolate chip cookies and cupcakes.

Last year, Brooke and I took on the daunting task of creating cookie gift baskets to distribute. We spent an entire day baking all sorts of cookies which was not only fun but delicious.

When I started to think about other Christmas seasons where I've baked, 1997 immediately popped into my head because of this:

A homemade gingerbread house that my friend Sarah and I made. I only know it was from 1997, because the back reads "Hot 97" with our initials. I'm not posting it because it also includes some unfortunate close-ups of the two of us and I prefer to keep the 2009 version of us fresh in my head :). Maybe someday I'll try to actually re-create something simliar because I remember it being such a fun activity (but also very time consuming). Definitley not in the picture for this year but I'll keep it on my wish list for next year.

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