Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday Favorites (Day 4): D*ck in a Box

In what might quite possibly be the funniest thing to ever come out of Saturday Night Live, Justin Timberlake further proved to the world that he is awesome (and even hot in polyester circa 1980) with D*ck in a Box. This clip was everywhere in 2006 when it came out and it never fails to re-appear around this time every year.

I can’t even begin to explain the craziness of the video, so I’ll let Wikipedia do the talking: The music video portrays two Casanova-type men (played by Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake) singing about giving Christmas gifts to their lovers (played by Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig, respectively). Each man has a gift-wrapped box attached to his waist. The lyrics include step-by-step instructions on how to create the "gift" (1: "Cut a hole in a box", 2: "Put your junk in that box", 3: "Make her open the box... and that's the way you do it!"). They also sing about how a "dick in a box" is better than other gifts, and suitable for any holiday or occasion. At the end of the film, they are both arrested and taken away by the police, presumably for indecent exposure, after they bring their boxes "backstage at the CMAs".

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  1. you are seriously stepping up the posts! Christmas Vacation is my vote.