Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Holiday Favorites (Day 2): Christmas Wish Lists

This next one is also top on my list of things that mean it’s almost time for Christmas. I’m pretty sure that I made Christmas lists when I was little but I never expected that I would still be asked for them at age 26. Larry’s family is very generous in the fact that they always ask for lists of things we would like for Christmas. My favorite part of this is checking out Larry’s list. He probably won’t admit it but he loves writing out his list. In fact, he started asking me back in October to start remembering things he wanted. The best part is the intricacy of this list – it almost always is created on an excel spreadsheet and is itemized to also include direct links to products that can be bought online. If I could find a picture of this year’s list I would include it just to prove how into this he gets.

As for the younger kids in our family (who are of acceptable age for still writing Christmas wish lists), I also love reading their Christmas lists. Last year’s list from Jack still has me laughing. If I can remember correctly it included gems such as: Night-vision goggles, a private jet, a TV, a couch for his room, a work-out room and a Sham-wow. Such imagination that one has, but somehow I don’t remember any of those items being under the tree last year. I got a sneak peek at this year’s list which is unfortunately not as exciting, lots of Yankees gear and some video game stuff mostly. I really hope Donna saved that 2008 list though because this is definitely one of the stories that I will be teasing him about in 10 years. Although, if he’s anything like Larry, I’m sure he’ll still be writing lists at 26 like his big cousin.

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