Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Holiday Favorites (Day 11): Christmas Decorations

OK so I already touched on Christmas Trees but I would be cheating if I didn't also mention my love of outdoor Christmas decorations. There are two things that I love - the first is driving around looking at all the wonderfully (aka tastefully) decorated houses this time of year. I remember growing up that my mom would always take us on drives to look at houses that go all out. I used to love going to those parks where you just drive for a few miles and see the decorations. Houses that fall into this category are those shown below - simple white lights and wreaths.

The other thing that I (really) enjoy looking at is tacky Christmas decorations. We're talking Clark Griswold houses. There is a long list of decorations that I hate which include big tacky colored lights, reindeer/deer (especially the animated ones) and last but not least the inflatibles. I can't remember when these stupid things started popping up but I hate them. Every year, it seems like there are more and more. They're ridiculously tacky and I can't understand why anyone would want one on their lawn!

And on a side note, because I thought this was really entertaining (and I can't believe people have this much time on their hands to put something like this together), here is a house that lights up to match up to Christmas music.

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