Monday, December 21, 2009

Holiday Favorites (Day 10): Snow

I heard on radio this morning that the definition of a "White Christmas" is at least 1 inch of snow on the ground. Well thanks to the storm that dumped a foot on CT this past weekend, it looks like we'll have one.

I admit it, I'm a White Christmas dreamer. I do love living in New England and enjoy the occasional snow storm (read: I like the first snow and any other snow that does not conflict with my social calendar and allows me to hibernate indoors on a weekend when I was already planning to do so) so I always long for snow on Christmas. I love the thought of having fresh snow on the ground for Christmas morning. Seeing houses and trees covered with a pretty white layer makes me smile.

This past weekend during the snow storm, Larry and I enjoyed the rare opportunity to just relax and enjoy. We took advantage of Larry's newfound love of the fireplace and just hung out (OK will minus the trip to work at Baby Gap on Sunday morning). I can only hope that with today being the first day of winter, that the rest of the snow storms we get this season are as enjoyable as this one. It's not likely but a girl can dream...

Larry's masterpiece

Yes, I really drove Sunday morning to work here

Picturesque downtown Greenwich (yay for the new Ralph Lauren) covered in snow

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