Saturday, November 14, 2009

It's Already Mid-November?

Seriously, already? I swear it was just Halloween! We've been crazy busy over here at the Ciccarelli household for the first half of November, and unfortunatly no signs of slowing down. Here's what we've been up to:

Soccer: Larry's team is playing today in the quarter finals. They've won some huge games and I think Larry is more exited than the boys

Work: I've been extremely busy the last few weeks of work and Larry hasn't been because he's been enjoying a 2 week work hiatus before he starts his new job on Monday. Big changes ahead including a commute and big boy work clothes!

Friends and Family: We spent a long weekend in Boston last weekend visiting many friends and enjoying life. It was a great trip. We also recently celebrated Grandpa's 80's birthday!

OK this might have taken place in October but never made it off my iphone

And last but not least, we watched the Yankees cruise to a 27th World Championship. After many long baseball games (I still don't understand why Fox insisted on only starting the games at 8PM for two east coast teams, meaning I always fell asleep around the 8th inning aka when the games got good), Larry and I found ourselves spending the late hours of Wednesday November 4th in bed celebrating the win togetherI stole this from another website but I thought it was really cool

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