Monday, November 23, 2009

I love Larry (David)

This morning we mourn the ending Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 7. I have to say that this is one my favorite shows on television and an added bonus is that it's one of the few shows that Larry and I both love. (Because for some reason, Larry does not like Grey's Anatomy :))

Anyway, we're big fans of HBO in our house and this summer when Entourage ended we were left wondering what would occupy our Sunday night TV viewing, until we realized that Curb was coming back. This show is hilarious all because of Larry David. He's brutally honest, ridiculously offensive and often completely inappropriate which makes the show entertaining. I can't even begin to get into the situations he gets himself into but as the caption says above, you really do find yourself relating with that crazy nut.

It's hard to believe that most of this show is based on ad-libbing and that they only follow storylines and make it up as they go. I'll be sad to see it go but may need to Netflix some of the earlier seasons to relive the humor this winter when all the good tv stops. If you don't have HBO, I highly recommend renting the series on DVD, it's that good.

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