Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

We kicked off Halloween weekend 2009 at Dan and Sarah's Halloween party on Friday night. After putting off deciding on costumes until Tuesday of last week, I put Larry in charge. Turns out you can find anything on the internet and within 10 minutes we had ourselves some kick-ass costumes. Seeing that Larry is obsessed with 90's Nickelodeon cartoon shows, I was completely unsurprised to find out that we would be the "green monkeys" from Legends of the Hidden Temple, complete with gold helmets.

Yes, we look very "special" with our helmets

The party was really fun and there were some great costumes (although I forgot to charge the camera and could only rely on the iphone for a few quick pics) and even a Pinata! Minutes after the below picture was taken, I welcomed the opportunity to get out some aggression with a golfclub...

On Halloween Saturday night, per usual we went to Richard's house to help hand out candy. Even though there was less kids as normal, we still got to see some cute kids (and inappropriately dressed teen girls) which is always a good time.

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